Special Items
  Year Model Stock Description Price
Details2015RAM350016466715 DRW PU 4X4 68249147AE FIRE PICS1,000.00
Details2014RAM150015455368259208AA 14-15 W FRT SUSP1,000.00
Details2014RAM45001749442014 RAM 4500 144WB W SPRG STRGHT2,500.00
Details2013F450SD164833162WB 6.7 AT 4X4 W R SPRINGS1,000.00
Details2010F350SD174909NICE CLEAN STRAIGHT 165WB W SPRNGS1,500.00
Details2010F350SD164842141WB CLEAN STRAIGHT W REAR SUSP1,000.00
Details2010F350SD185133141WB W/REAR SPRINGS1,000.00
Details2009F250SD174884NICE CLEAN STRAIGHT W 4X2 SUSP1,500.00
Details2009F250SD174936158WB 4X2 WITH SUSPENTION1,000.00
Details2009F450SD16482809 F450 165WB W SPRNGS1,000.00
Details2008F550SD164729200WB W RR SPRINGS ENG FIRE 081,000.00
Details2008F250SD174934NICE STRAIGHT CLEAN W SUSP1,000.00
Details2008F350SD164827141 WB CLEAN STRAIGHT1,000.00
Details2008F450SD16484508 F450 165WB STRAIGHT CLEAN W SPRS1,000.00
Details2008SIERRA15012371507-08 NEW STYLE 4X2 133WB NO SUSPENS500.00
Details2008SILVRDO3517500615932680 137WB W RR SPRGS1,750.00
Details2007F350SD164716STRAIGHT FRAME W RR SPRINGS 158WB1,250.00
Details2007F350SD174902141WB NICE CLEAN W RR SPRINGS1,000.00
Details2007F550SD164664165WB 07 F550 4X4 STRAIGHT W SPRNGS1,000.00
Details2007SILV15OLD17503015238184 143.5 4X2 SUPER CLEAN1,500.00
Details2006TDODR1500164702SWB 4X2 NO HIT W SUSP500.00
Details2006F250SD174996158WB NICE CLEAN STRAIGHT 4X2 SUSP1,000.00
Details2006TFOR350SD164835165WB FOR SECTIONS HIT ON LR550.00
Details2006TFOR350SD164783141WB NICE STRAIGHT CLEAN W/SPRGS1,500.00
Details2006TFOR250SD1851395C3Z5005F 04-07 137WB SUPER CLEAN1,000.00
Details2006SILVRDO3518511915148525 03-06 137WB CAB CHASSIS 4X21,000.00
Details2005SILVRDO35164846MINOR RF HORN DAM W ALL SUSP 161WB1,000.00
Details2005TFOR350SD164762141WB W SUS AND SPRNGS1,250.00
Details2005F250SD1749625C3Z-5005-F 05-07 CLEAN X REAR SUSP600.00
Details2005TFOR250SD1648175C3Z-5005-F STRAIGHT NO FRT SUS PIC600.00
Details2005TDODR1500164826STRAIGHT CLEAN W SUSP NO RUST600.00
Details2005TDODR1500164825STRAIGHT CLEAN W SUSP650.00
Details2005TDODR1500174855SWB 4X2 STRAIGHT CLEAN W SUSP650.00
Details2005TDODR1500174926HORN DAM FOR SECTIONS500.00
Details2004SILVRDO15174874133WB 4X2 CLEAN STRAIGHT1,000.00
Details2004TFOR350SD174999172WB STRAIGHT CLEAN LESS RR SPRGS1,000.00
Details2004TFOR350SD164788176WB AT 4X4 6.0 SRW NO HIT1,000.00
Details2004F250SD185072NICE STRAIGHT CLEAN 4X2 137WB1,500.00
Details2004TFOR250SD174941137WB 4X4 W SPRINGS NO RUST1,500.00
Details2004TFOR250SD164836156WB W SPRINGS750.00
Details2004TFOR250SD174911158WB 4X2 TEXAS CLEAN X/RR SPRING750.00
Details2004TFOR350SD1750044C3Z-5005-BA 02-04 137WB W SUSP1,500.00
Details2003SILVRDO35164673161WB 4X2 CLEAN STRAIGHT NO RR SPRG1,000.00
Details2003SILVRDO35185060161.5 4X4 FRAME CHECK CLOSER1,000.00
Details2003SIERRA350185041161.5 WB NICE CLEAN STRAIGHT CMPLT1,500.00
Details2003TFOR350SD174913NICE STRAIGHT CLEAN 158WB W SPNGS1,000.00
Details2003TDODR15001748564X2 QUAD 8 BED STRAIGHT CLEAN W SUS500.00
Details2003TDODR1500174862STRAIGHT W/ SUSPENSION550.00
Details2003TFOR250SD174984158WB 4X2 FOR SECTIONS550.00
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