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Truck Cab
  Year Model Stock Description Price
Details2010F350SD133742RED SOLID EMPTY X-STUCTURE750.00
Details2010F350SD174909SOLID REG CAB W MAN DRS STRUC WHT2,500.00
Details2010F350SD16482308-10 W MAN DRS-NOSE WHT 6.4 CLN3,500.00
Details2009F450SD1648282DR REG 6.4 W NOSE W MAN DRS WHT3,000.00
Details2008F250SD17493408-10 REG CAB W DRS NOSE XBUMP 6.42,500.00
Details2008F450SD164845SOLID REG CAB WO DOORS W STRUC 6.41,000.00
Details2008F350SD16482708-10 RUSTFREE CAB AND NOSE 6.4 WHT3,000.00
Details2008F250SD164670SOLID REG CAB W/O DOORS1,000.00
Details2007TDODR1500164813EMPTY REG 4.7 AT WHT750.00
Details2007TDODR1500154586REG CAB X-DRS WHT SOLID 4.7 AT500.00
Details2007RAM3500133897EMPTY CAB WSTRUCTURE WHT750.00
Details2006TDODR2500154501REG CAB 5.9 STD 4X4 RED PR4 X-DRS1,000.00
Details2006TFORD150164841ROCK SOLID EMPTY CAB BLUE1,000.00
Details2006F250SD185045solid empty cab wht no doors1,000.00
Details2006TFOR350SD15449505-07 ROCK SOLID W MAN DRS WHT 6.01,500.00
Details2006F250SD174996EMPTY CAB NO RUST FIREWALL BURN1,000.00
Details2005TDODR150015456902-09 QUAD RED W-MAN DRS SOLID2,500.00
Details2005TDODR1500164826EMPTY QUAD X-DRS GRY SOLID1,000.00
Details2005TFORD150164832SOLID CAB EMPTY BLUE1,000.00
Details2005VGMSAVA3517502105 GMC SAVANA 3500 EMPTY CAB750.00
Details2005COLORADO16479004-12 REG CAB LESS DRS WHT 3.5 AT1,000.00
Details2005SILVRDO15164820VERY CLEAN REG MAN DRS RED U92602,000.00
Details2005SIERRA150174867ABSOLUTLEY NO RUST W PWR DRS RED2,500.00
Details2005SIERRA150174863ABSOLUTLEY NO RUST1,000.00
Details2005SILVRDO25174947SOLID WHT 6.0 AT1,000.00
Details2005TDODR1500154570SOLID BLK SILVER NO DOORS500.00
Details2005TDODR1500174923REG CAB 3.7 AT SOLID BLK PX8 XDRS750.00
Details2005TDODR1500174926EMPTY REG CAB GOLD PKJ-PK5 3.7 AT750.00
Details2004TDODR2500164707SOLID REG CAB X-DRS WHT750.00
Details2004TFOR250SD175017SOLID EMPTY SUPER CAB WHT X-DRS1,000.00
Details2004TDODR1500154461ROCK SOLID GREY 5.7 AT W-PWR DRS2,500.00
Details2004TDODR1500154513GREY QUAD NO DRS PWR SOLID CODE PDR1,000.00
Details2003RAM1500164824EMPTY REG CAB WHT STD750.00
Details2003TFOR250SD164793WHT CREW LITES W DRS PICS2,500.00
Details2003F250SD175023NO RUST EMPTY CAB AND STRUCTURE WHT1,000.00
Details2003TFOR250SD164786EMPTY CREW 6.8 AT 4X2 SILVER1,000.00
Details2003TDODR1500175001SOLID REG CAB LS DOORS BLK 5.71,000.00
Details2003TDODR2500164710EMPTY QUAD MAROON SOLID X-DRS 5.71,000.00
Details2002SIERRA250154482SOLID CAB W MAN DRS WHT 6.0 AUTO1,500.00
Details2002TFOR250SD185052SOLID CREW CAB LESS DOORS BLK 5.41,500.00
Details2002TDODR150015460802 QUAD MAROON W ALL PWR DRS 4.71,500.00
Details2002TDODR1500164851SOLID CAB LESS DOORS BLUE 4.7 4X2750.00
Details2001TDODR1500174865SOLID EMPTY QUAD WHT 5.2 AT1,000.00
Details2000TFOR250SD174943SOLID REG CAB W STRUCTURE BLK1,000.00
Details2000SILVRDO2517497099-07 REG CAB SOLID WHT X-DRS1,000.00
Details2000TCHEV3500154630ZERO RUST WHT NO L1201,250.00
Details1999TDODR2500133950TX SOLID QUAD CAB LESS DOORS GREY1,000.00
Details1999TDODR2500164805EMPTY QUAD CAB 360 AT ZERO RUST GRN1,000.00
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