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Stock 195174
Year 2009
Model F350SD
VIN 1FDWX************
Body Type XCAP 4Dr
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
A/C Condenser75.00
Body Complete Frame Off09 F350 162WB 6.4 4X4 UTILITYN/A
Cab Pickup TruckROCK SOLID SUPER 6.4 4X4 WHT LS DRS1,500.00
Cooling Radiator200.00
Cooling Radiator Shroud7C3Z8B614A 6.4 INNER SHROUD150.00
Cooling Transmission Oil7C3Z7A095B 08-10 6.4 AT150.00
Electrical Starter Motor6.4 AT75.00
Engine Air Intercooler7C3Z6K775C 08-10 6.4250.00
Engine Ignition ComputerPULL AND CHECK ID150.00
Exhaust Pipe7C3Z6N646B 08-10 6.4 FRT PIPE125.00
Front Axle Assembly 4WDNICE STRAIGHT CLEAN COMPLETE 4.101,250.00
Front Door Outside Mirror, Left8C3Z17683AC LS MAN75.00
Front Door, Right9C3Z2520124F SOLID WHT MW ML550.00
Front Fender, Left7C3Z16006A 08-10 LS WHT NICE150.00
Front Seat, LeftGREY VYNL 402040550.00
Fuel TankSKID PLATE ONLY - 29728 -200.00
Fuel TankSOLID CLEAN TANK + SEND 6.4 - 29727350.00
Hood8C3Z16612A 08-10250.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer HeadPULL AND CHECK ID100.00
Misc ABS Brake Parts100.00
Rear AxleNICE CLEAN 4.10 DRW CAB CHASSIS1,550.00
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), Left9C3Z2624631C ROCK SOLID WHT LS550.00
Rear Door (Side, behind Front Door), Right7C3Z2824630A 08-10 RR SOLID WHT550.00
Rear Drive Shaft162WB 4X4 AT RR SEC 34.75'WW - 29739150.00
Rear Drive Shaft162WB 4X4 FRT SEC 22.5'WW - 29738 -150.00
Steering ColumnTCDK200.00
Steering Gear or Rack and Pinion150.00
Steering Pump Oil Cooler7C3Z7A095B 08-10 6.475.00
Transfer CaseMODEL# 271F RATIO 272325.00
WheelNICE WHTE150.00
WheelNICE WHTE150.00
WheelNICE WHTE150.00
WheelNICE WHTE150.00
WheelNICE WHTE150.00