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Stock 185053
Year 1996
Model TFORD150
VIN 1FTEF************
Body Type STD 2Dr
Mileage Not Available

Part Description Price
Body Complete Frame OffN/A
Cab Pickup Truck94-97 EDDIE BAUER REG W/DRS WHT TAN1,500.00
Cab Running Board RockerF2TZ 16A470 A 92-97 REG CAB FAC RS200.00
Cab Running Board RockerF2TZ 16A471 A 92-97 REG CAB FAC LS200.00
Clutch Flywheel75.00
Cooling Core SupportF4TZ 16138 B 92-97 gas250.00
Cooling Radiator5.0 STD AC75.00
Cooling Radiator ShroudF5TZ 8146 AFA 94-97 5.0 5.875.00
Differential Carrier Assembly3.54 FRONT CARRIER300.00
Electrical Battery TrayF4TZ 10732 B 87-97 OBS RS BATT TRAY50.00
Electrical Starter Motor50.00
Engine Air CleanerSINGLE OUTLET100.00
Engine Ignition ComputerF6TF-JE 302 4X4 STD RUN TESTED150.00
Frame CompleteF6TZ 5005 BNC 92-97 133WB W/RR SPRNG1,000.00
Front BrakeF5TZ 1102 C 94-96 F150 4X4100.00
Front BrakeF5TZ 1102 C 94-96 F150 4X4100.00
Front Brake Backing PlateF4TZ 2K004 B 93-96 F150 4X4 RF SPLAS75.00
Front Brake Backing PlateF4TZ 2K005 B 93-96 F150 LS SPLASH75.00
Front Bumper ValanceF2TZ 17779 A 92-97100.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), LeftF3TZ 3220 A 93-96 LEFT150.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD), RightF3TZ 3219 A 93-96 F150 RS150.00
Front Drive Shaft (4WD)FRONT DRIVE SHAFT100.00
Front Fender, LeftF4TZ 16006 A 92-97 LS WHT TAN200.00
Front Fender, RightF2TZ 16005 A 92-97 RS WHT TAN200.00
Front Seat40-20-40 BRN SEATS NEED WORK350.00
Front Suspension SpindleF5TZ 3105 C 93-96 F150100.00
Front Suspension SpindleF5TZ 3105 C 93-96 F150 4X4100.00
Front Suspension Spindle, LeftF6TZ 3131 BB 94-96 LS KNUCKLE150.00
Front Suspension Spindle, RightF6TZ 3130 BA 94-96 RS KNUCKLE150.00
Fuel TankEOTZ 9A147 G 80-97 FRT SKIDPLATE150.00
Fuel TankF5TZ 9A147 G 87-97 REAR TANK SKID PL150.00
Fuel TankF6TZ 9002 A 92-97 TANK AND SENDER150.00
Fuel Tank Fill NeckE7TZ 9034 B 87-97 RR TANK GAS FILLER75.00
Fuel Tank Fill NeckF4TZ 9034 A 87-97 FRONT GAS FILLER75.00
Grille Header PanelF6TZ 8A284 AC 92-9775.00
HoodF2TZ 16612 A 92-97 WHT200.00
Misc BracketsF4TZ 3C511 A 92-97 PS BRACKET GAS75.00
Pickup Box2,250.00
Rear Axle3.55300.00
Rear Axle Housing, LeftE9TZ 3B403 A 87-96 LS W/RADIUS250.00
Rear Axle Housing, RightE9TZ 3B402 A RS W/RADIUS 87-96250.00
Rear Drive Shaft133WB 5.0 MAZDA 5SPD 4X4 RR SHAFT200.00
Steering Column WheelLEATHER WRAP VERY USABLE 92-9775.00
Transfer Case250.00
Transmission Floor Shift Assembly92-97 OBS TRANSFER CASE SHIFTER100.00
Transmission TransaxleMAZDA 5SPD 5.0 4X4550.00
WheelLF B75.00