Parts - Stock Results
Part Year Model Stock Description Price
A/C Blower Motor2002F450SD18503935.00
A/C Compressor2002F450SD18503950.00
Back Window2002F450SD185039100.00
Body Complete Frame Off2002F450SD185039N/A
Clutch Flywheel2002F450SD185039155 TOOTH50.00
Electrical Alternator2002F450SD18503950.00
Electrical Starter Motor2002F450SD185039TESTED UNIT75.00
Engine Complete2002F450SD185039RUN TESTED GREAT 64,9122,550.00
Engine Ignition Computer2002F450SD185039XC3F-12B599-AD250.00
Frame Complete2002F450SD185039165WB BENT FOR CROSSMEMBERS1,000.00
Front Axle Assembly 4WD2002F450SD185039COMPLETE FRONT 4.88 LESS LOCK OUTS1,000.00
Front Axle Locking Hub 4WD2002F450SD18503999-04 FREE AND LOCK MAN HUB - 55146150.00
Front Axle Locking Hub 4WD2002F450SD18503999-04 FREE AND LOCK MAN HUB - 55147150.00
Front Door2002F450SD185039RED MW ML RUST MUST SEE200.00
Front Door Glass2002F450SD18503975.00
Front Door Outside Mirror2002F450SD18503975.00
Front Drive Shaft (4WD)2002F450SD18503902 F450 4X4 7.3 AT FRT 24.25'WW250.00
Front Fender2002F450SD185039RED RS150.00
Front Suspension Leaf Spring2002F450SD185039100.00
Front Suspension Leaf Spring2002F450SD185039100.00
Front Turn Park Marker Fog Lamps2002F450SD185039NEWER AFTERMARKET35.00
Fuel Tank2002F450SD185039SKID PLATE ONLY150.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head2002F450SD1850392C3F-10849-HJ150.00
Instrument Panel Temperature Control2002F450SD18503950.00
Misc2002F450SD18503999-02 7.3 HYDRAULIC PUMP BELT DRIVEN350.00
Misc Lamps2002F450SD18503902 F450 CAB LIGHTS100.00
Rear Axle2002F450SD1850394.88 11.25 ALUMINUM COVER 8 LUG1,550.00
Rear Drive Shaft2002F450SD185039165WB 4X4 7.3 AT RR SEC 35.75'WW150.00
Rear Drive Shaft2002F450SD185039165WB 4X4 AT FRT SEC 21.25'WW150.00
Steering Column2002F450SD185039D K200.00
Transfer Case2002F450SD185039400.00
Truck Tool Boxes2002F450SD185039I PACK TOOL BX1,000.00
Windshield Wiper Motor2002F450SD185039CHECK ID75.00