Parts - Stock Results
Part Year Model Stock Description Price
Body Complete Frame Off1997TFORD3501749932DR,REG,8 FLTBD,SILV,7.3,5SPD,4.10,6N/A
Engine Ignition Computer1997TFORD350174993F7TF-12B599-AA200.00
Front Axle Assembly 4WD1997TFORD3501749934.10 HOUSING AND GEARS ONLY300.00
Front Axle Locking Hub 4WD1997TFORD350174993F5TZ-3B396-BA 95-97 F350 MAN50.00
Front Brake1997TFORD350174993F7TZ-1102-BB 95-97 DRW FRT W BRNGS150.00
Front Brake1997TFORD350174993FTZ-1102-BB 95-97 DRW FRT W BRNGS150.00
Front Door1997TFORD350174993SOLID SILVER MW ML - NO MIRROR250.00
Front Drive Axle Shaft (FWD - AWD)1997TFORD350174993F2TZ-3220-AA 92-97 F350 LS FRT350.00
Front Suspension Spindle1997TFORD350174993F6TZ-3131-EA 95-97 LS KNUCKLE ONLY250.00
Steering Gear or Rack and Pinion1997TFORD3501749937.3 4x4100.00
Transfer Case1997TFORD3501749937.3,5SPD,4.10400.00
Wheel1997TFORD350174993- 435532 -50.00
Wheel1997TFORD350174993- 435533 -50.00
Wheel1997TFORD350174993- 435547 -50.00