Parts - Stock Results
Part Year Model Stock Description Price
Body Complete Frame Off1994TCHEV35001749782DR,REG,RED,454,5SPD,4.10,11-93N/A
Clutch Flywheel1994TCHEV3500174978454 W BOLTS AND P PLATE150.00
Cooling Radiator1994TCHEV3500174978454,5SPD100.00
Differential Carrier Assembly1994TCHEV3500174978454,5SPD,4.10350.00
Engine Air Cleaner1994TCHEV35001749782509964150.00
Engine Ignition Computer1994TCHEV3500174978RUN TESTED GOOD PULL AND CHECK ID75.00
Fuel Tank1994TCHEV3500174978CAB CHASS NARROW 454 W SENDER150.00
Instrument Panel Speedometer Head1994TCHEV35001749781619363575.00
Rack Bodies1994TCHEV350017497811 ELE HOIST ONLY NO BODY750.00
Rear Drive Shaft1994TCHEV3500174978159.5 WB 4X4 7.4 5SPD RR SEC 53'WW150.00
Rear Drive Shaft1994TCHEV3500174978159.5 4X4 7.4 5SPD FT SEC 16.5'WW150.00
Transmission Mounts1994TCHEV3500174978159.5 STD 4X4 F44150.00